Crunch: The Wordlist Generator

Crunch is used for generating a large word list based on different parameters that we specify. We can save the word list to a file or we could even send it directly to the other programs we want to use. Very useful when trying to crack username or passwords. To set started with crunch run the command: 

crunch -h

This is an example of how you would create a list of 2, containing all the possible outcomes with the number 1 and letter A. in this example we are just displaying the list to the command line. by running the command:

crunch 2 2 1A

In order to save the list generated for you by crunch. We can just use the standard way we usually save the output stream to a file. By adding > Filename to the end of the command. When we do this the generated word list will not be shown in our command line, it will only be outputted to the file we specified. In the example shown below, I issued the cat command to display the content of the file. Note: we could also use the -o option which is built in to crunch.

crunch 2 2 1A > /home/lib0355/Desktop/wordlist.txt

We can also use patterns to shape are wordlist, by using the -t option followed with the pattern written with %@,%^ Witch will be replaced with:

  •  % – This will be changed for numbers.
  •  @ – This will be changed for lowercase characters.
  •  , – This will be changed for uppercase characters.
  •  ^ – This will be changed for symbols

This is for when you already know the length of the word you want creating. It helps to narrow down the wordlist options as much as possible, the less potential possibilities the quicker the right word will be generated. For this example, we are going to create a list of passwords and use the % attribute just to increase the number the end of each word from 0 to 9. we do this by running the command:

crunch 9 9 -t password%

We can also check how many combinations will be generated when ever we are createing a list, by running the command with the parameters of the list you want and then press Ctrl + c to stop the program before it starts to generate the word list. This will just display the heading information like shown below.

As shown in the picture above, the wordlists can get very large with a lot of different combinations. This is why it is best to send the output of Crunch as the input for another program, like aircrack-ng. That way allows us to pass through an unlimited amount of potential possibilities without having to save any of the generated combinations. I will be creating a guide on that in the future, so dont forget keep a look out 😉 


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