Good Old Zip Bomb

A zip bomb is usually a small file to avoid suspicion. However, when the zip file is decompressed, the contents of the zip file is more than the system can handle.

It’s commonly known as a malicious archive file,that will crash the system in which it’s extracted.

A zip bomb allows programs to work as intended, but the archive is carefully crafted so that unpacking it. requires inordinate amounts of time, disk space or memory. This is why they were commonly used to affect the antivirus of systems, but these days antivirus scanners can detect zip bombs.

The popular website called unforgettable hosts the file. This is a well known zip bomb that is 42 kilobytes in size, and consists of 5 levels of 16 zipped files that all have a 4.3GB file and the end. If you were to extract all of the zip files, you would end up having over 4.5 petabytes of data.

How to make your own Zip Bomb

If you want to create your own zip bomb it is very easy to do. The first thing we will need to do is get a large file. We can use dd and /dev/zero to create a 2GB file for us to use by running the command:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/parrot/Desktop/Zip\ Bomb/SecertFile.bin bs=2G count1

Now we have got the main file we need to turn is into a compressed zip file. I have given the zip file the name of 1. This zip file will compress the 2.1GB file all the way down to 5.0MB.

We now need to copy that zip file 16 times. You can do this by running the command: 

for i in {2..16}; do cp “$”; done

Now we have got 16 different zip files that all content the 2gb file we created. We need to compress all of the 16 files down into one zip file. As this is going to be the first level of the zip bomb, I am using a 0 at the start of the file name to indicate that this is the first level. So on the next level, I will use 00 and so on, until the final level.

This zip file is compress down to 520KB.

Now we just repeat the process, we copy this zip file 16 times and compress them down into a zip file called 001 and keep doing this all the way to 000001. This should mean that you have got 5 levels of 16 zip files that all lead to a copy of the 2GB file we made at the start.

That’s all there is to it, you have now created your own Zip bomb. Please note that this is only for fun and educational purposes.


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